Leek, Potato & Spinach Frittata

This weekend we tried out a rather good recipe for a frittata that we’ve wanted to try for while, it’s a bit like the one at www.food.com. The recipe first requires you to fry the potato, leek and onion on the hob before adding the spinach, whisked egg and then putting the cheese topped dish into the oven to cook. It needs the ingredients to be cooked together in the same pan that then goes in the oven for 10 mins. You can use a frying pan with an oven proof handle but for feeding six this gets quite big. So using Tart Tatin, which is designed to go from hob to oven, is really neat. The layering made it a rather attractive lunch. See what you think.


Spinach and Leek Fritatta in the fiveotherwise.com kitchen

Mincemeat Streusel

Inspired by the Great British Bake Off Christmas Special, I had a go at Mary Berry’s mincemeat streusel as a tray bake using a Gobel Tarte Maison, which has a fancy edge and a loose bottom to help get the bake out! I personally have no idea how Mary got hers out of the tin, and she wasn’t giving away any secrets.
I didn’t follow the recipe from the website perfectly, as I had plenty of homemade mincemeat already. I was also lacking in semolina for the streusel topping, so I substituted ground almonds to try and give a coarse texture and a flavour that is quite complementary to mincemeat.
The pastry was super thin, the topping grated well and cooked to a crunchy golden. Once cooled in the tin, the loose bottom allowed the streusel to slide out beautifully, keeping the fluted edge wonderfully crisp. The result was a delightful improvement on traditional mince pies, which we shall be definitely repeating for Christmas.