Art awards and heatwave


We have been working with a home education group in a local gallery to enter for the Bronze Art Award, which requires entrants to visit exhibitions, take part in art workshops, discover and describe an art hero and pass on art skills. All elements need documenting, and then putting together in a portfolio. Friday was an art workshop combining a couple of “passing on art skills” sessions with a check through portfolios to make sure everyone was nearly finished. Both girls are entering for the award so this meant a hasty run round collating pages and deciding on a book format for the finished product. Cassie had most to do, as she put off starting until after her recent exams were finished.

We also wanted to get it all done by Thursday lunch time so as to join another home ed family by the river Wharfe, for an afternoon of swimming in the heat! I had to sit on the bank with baby Sam, whilst Neale took the kids into the river, but we did get to splash our feet to cool down. Everyone had wetsuits, which allowed them to mess about in the water for longer, and it only took a little while in the sun before folk were hot enough for another dip in the cool river. Being able to take advantage of the quiet midweeks is a huge bonus of home education. We get quite used to visiting empty parks, museums and galleries, so that busy weekends and school holidays, when you have to queue for things, can be a bit disappointing.

The workshop also went well. It was hotter on Friday, but we were in the nice air-conditioned gallery then, and had the memory of the lush, sunny riverside to bolster us against the day in the city. Now the girls have a few weeks to finish their portfolios before our next session, and the hot weather goes on.

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