Doing My Exams

Exams_kitI have recently sat my I/GCSEs for Chemistry, Biology and Maths. It was a very different experience to anything I am used to, and I found that there was a lot of revision I had to do, although reading through a revision guide for each topic helped a lot, it reminded me of what I had already learnt. You don’t want to take ages over reminding yourself, but doing it in short sessions with quick breaks helps loads, so you don’t waste the time you have. I also did a lot of past papers so I could see what I had remembered and it meant I know what sort of questions and answers appear on most papers. Somethings I only know from doing the past papers. Writing out crib sheets on what you need to remember the most, to focus your last minute revision, is a good idea too.

Just before each exam I didn’t really feel nervous, not until I sat down and the reality caught up with me. Some people can get quite anxious about an exam, but it doesn’t matter what other people think, you just have to be calm and do your best. All the examiners involved were kind and willing to help. I was usually in the same room as a few A-level students taking their exams, so it was a bit quieter than being with lots of other students all dong the same as you. It is strange sitting an exam, especially if you have not been in that situation before. Every sound is magnified in the quiet, but everything going on around you is irrelevant, only your own work matters.

Now that I have finished my exams I do feel a sense of relief, but doing them really gave purpose to what I had been learning before. And now I just have to wait for my results!

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