The garden after our holiday

vege_patch_largeWe came home from our main family holiday tired but ready for new challenges and were met by the inevitable flourishing of the garden into a lush green jungle! Don’t get me wrong, the good plants had done well too, but the weeds seem to erupt from nowhere into foot high beasts. I couldn’t manage to leave them alone for two weeks, who knows what would have happened? Luckily it was not too long before I got the chance to cut down the long grass round the edges of the beds, in which I am sure the slugs lurk during the heat of the day, and clear out all the weeds.
I also cleared out some of the things which had got out of hand. The vegetable patches look very professional now, I am quite proud of it.
The spinach was billed as being slow to bolt but as a mere week without being attended had led them to show signs of flower stalks, I took out the lot and froze the leaves. Spinach had been sown to go between parsnips and beetroot, both of which are now up and growing nicely, so they need the room anyway. The radishes I sowed between rows had also done well, but luckily we got to them before they got woody, although they were nice and peppery.
I have enjoyed the baby spinach and radishes though, so maybe we shall sow some more where the beans failed. That is what I like about gardening, the plans shift with successes and weather so there is always something to consider, and every year is different.
Currently we are enjoying lots of cut and come again salads, the first few strawberries, and we are eyeing up the pea pods and vast array of summer raspberries only a week or so from being ready!