School Holidays Approach

I’ll mention the holidays a few times I am sure, but let me start out by saying that generally we do not take school holidays from our HE. Partly this is because we always holiday during term-time when it is quieter and cheaper, and easier for Neale to book time off work. I also feel that we do not study intensely enough to require a huge break, more that study is gentle and continuous discovery and practice.
In spite of this we are affected by the holidays because all of a sudden the neighbourhood is full of playing kids, calling at all hours, and a lot of our usual activities are on hold. So a happy medium has to be reached, which usually means I get work sessions out of the kids in the morning, but little else! This year I am hoping Cassie at least will work through the holidays as she has quite a lot to do in the next year, and with the art awards to finish by the end of August, Libby will have a goal to hit too.
So, whilst we have not been throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into study we have been ticking over nicely, in spite of heat. Cassie has got stuck into her English language course from Catherine Mooney and is almost done with her art award work. She did a Manga Art workshop for the other kids at our regular monthly HE get together on Friday, which went down very well and now has to be documented as the ” passing on a skill” section of the award.
Libby has been sticking to her effort to spend an hour a day on physics, as well as her maths sessions, and I have managed to keep the boys attention most mornings too! So, all in all, the best you can hope for with the heat and the impending school holiday looming.
Childhood does have to be enjoyed though, and weather like this is rare enough to need special recognition, so we all snuck off to Bolton Abbey on Thursday afternoon for a couple of hours playing in the river Wharfe, while its hot and quiet!