Mob Grinders

In minecraft you can build mob grinders. This post will tell you why you need them and how to build them. You need mob grinders to get resources without having to risk your life. These are the things you can get from them (I am not doing passive mobs, like cows and chickens):

  1.  Skeleton
    1. Arrows for firing.
    2. Bones for bone meal.
  2. Creeper
    1. Gunpowder for TNT
  3. Spider
    1. String for making bows and fishing rods
  4. Zombie
    1. Rotten flesh

For more info go to the minecraft wiki drops page.

There are many ways to build mob grinders but I’m only telling you one. Probably the most simple is a hole in the ground 30 blocks deep. It can be as big as you like, I use a 3 by 3 hole. Dig the hole and place signs around the inside edge. At the bottom place two layers of hoppers with chest underneath. Finally another hole 1 block wide and ladders down the edge, so you can get to the bottom without killing your self. Don’t forget a trap door at the top to keep the mobs out. Make it so that you can go underneath the chests and your done. I hope you enjoy building this one and lots more, bye for now.

Here are some pictures to help you out.

From above:



The trapdoor:


Open trap door:



The hoppers:



The chests:



X-ray view:



Have Fun! and stay safe!