In minecraft you will need to know about monsters because they will kill you!

I will go through the monsters from weakest to toughest; zombie, spider, skeleton and CREEPER!

First the zombie, which is the most common. On normal or hard mode they can break doors. They can spawn with items held or armour worn. If you kill them you will get rotten flesh and if they have an item they might drop it. If you have just started out then you should run away. You are safe from them in a house at first.

Next the spider. There is not much about the spider, they can climb three block high walls and drop string. You could attack them if you want to, but I would not suggest it, avoid them unless you want their string. That’s it about the spider.

And now the skeleton. Skeleton’s are armed with bows and if you kill one it will drop bones and arrows, and there is a rare chance of it dropping a bow. There is an even rarer chance of it dropping an enchanted bow! I would suggest not attacking them to start with.

Next the CREEPER! Creepers are the scariest of the four. The creeper blows up when you get too close to it. It makes no sound except for a hissing sound when they get too close and as I said blows up! If a skeleton kills it, then it will drop a music record. But if you kill it yourself, it will drop gunpowder (very useful).

That’s it for now, next time I will be talking about food

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