Mincemeat Streusel

Inspired by the Great British Bake Off Christmas Special, I had a go at Mary Berry’s mincemeat streusel as a tray bake using a Gobel Tarte Maison, which has a fancy edge and a loose bottom to help get the bake out! I personally have no idea how Mary got hers out of the tin, and she wasn’t giving away any secrets.
I didn’t follow the recipe from the website perfectly, as I had plenty of homemade mincemeat already. I was also lacking in semolina for the streusel topping, so I substituted ground almonds to try and give a coarse texture and a flavour that is quite complementary to mincemeat.
The pastry was super thin, the topping grated well and cooked to a crunchy golden. Once cooled in the tin, the loose bottom allowed the streusel to slide out beautifully, keeping the fluted edge wonderfully crisp. The result was a delightful improvement on traditional mince pies, which we shall be definitely repeating for Christmas.