Tuesday night is pizza night

pizza_nightTuesday night is pizza night in our house, so at some point after lunch I persuade Jonathan to go start some white bread dough for the pizza bases. Sometimes I end up having to mix it myself, and Jonners usually needs help to get the dough really well kneaded.
We use about 1.2kg of strong white bread flour, 2tspn quick bread yeast, and 2tspn salt.  Make a well in the flour and add a good few tablespoons of olive oil to get into the Mediterranean feel , and a generous 600ml or so of hot water. Both boys like doing the start off stir in  with a knife, but as it gets mixed and heavier they call for me to finish it up and knead it. I like using oil in bread because it saves doing the rubbing in of butter or margarine, which I dislike.
This amount of bread will do three big pizzas plus a loaf, which can cook either before or after the pizzas whilst the oven is hot. I also like sneaking a sweet potato (or a normal one) into the hot oven to bake with the bread and pizza. Then I can use the potato mashed up with a little full fat milk for Sam’s baby food for a couple of meals. Sam does like pizza, he has thin slices cut from a plain cheese one, but he can’t eat enough yet to fill his tummy, so a  couple of tablespoons of mashed sweet potato is very useful.

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