IGCSE Physics revision videos

I just found this set of video’s on YouTube. The channel seems to cover both Edexcel and Cambridge IGCSE physics. Libby too a loo at he waves video today and said it really helped. Often it’s a case of having … read more

Liquid Land: legacies of oil and power

For my Bronze Art AwardsI had to make a review about an art exhibit, and if you go to this URL you will find it! http://www.fiveotherwise.com/libbyart/Libbys_Arts_Award/Liquid_Land.html have fun reading it! If you have the time please answer these questions and … read more

Shortcuts & Digressions

Shortcuts & digressions is a collection of contemporary sculptures which contain with in them selves a story, mood or sense of being felt by the artist. We went round Norwich castle were the exhibit was being shown while we were … read more

Results Day -round one!

So it is a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Cassie after her exam results came through yesterday. A* in Maths, A* in Biology and A in Chemistry!!! Well done! We know you deserved it because we know how much work you did … read more

After the rain…

The rain has thoroughly soaked the garden and totally filled both of our water butts, so no worries anymore about draughts! Now we just have to get out there and get tidying up the plants, harvesting fruit and maybe sowing … read more

Home Education when ill!

What a week! Last weekend I injured my knee, and although at first I muddled through I ended up having to rest it pretty constantly. This is the sort of thing that really effects home education. Being ill in a … read more

Art awards and heatwave

We have been working with a home education group in a local gallery to enter for the Bronze Art Award, which requires entrants to visit exhibitions, take part in art workshops, discover and describe an art hero and pass on … read more

Our Educational philosophy and daily routine

There are different styles of home education, some folk adhere to strict timetables, with a wide range of subjects, others adopt educational styles available in more exclusive private schools like Steiner or Montessori, whilst a large portion of the home … read more

Doing My Exams

I have recently sat my I/GCSEs for Chemistry, Biology and Maths. It was a very different experience to anything I am used to, and I found that there was a lot of revision I had to do, although reading through … read more