Exam time approaches

At present we are approaching the first of these qualification hurdles, with Cassie due to sit IGCSEs in Chemistry and Biology, and GCSE in Maths this summer. She is doing really well, but having no experience of exams makes it a bit daunting -for me if not for her. It is also hard not to see these exams as a test of HE in general. If she were in school I think she would be top stream, expected to achieve high marks. But without the whole exam culture of schools will she be able to match their performances? Have we let her down by choosing this lifestyle? I do know that she is a very different person to the general institutional teenager, and I am very proud of her efforts as she grasps the exam challenge. She is genuinely interested in her subjects, especially biology, not just practised in answering exam question. If she is not happy with her results we can always resit, and the second time round will be enlightened by having done it once.

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