Home Education when ill!

What a week! Last weekend I injured my knee, and although at first I muddled through I ended up having to rest it pretty constantly. This is the sort of thing that really effects home education. Being ill in a normal job just means that you stay at home, but when you are supposed to be guiding and organising kids work there is a certain feeling that when you stop, they stop! I tell myself that we will catch up with things, and that learning is not a rigidly linear event, but I usually do badly at convincing myself. All in all, I always feel guilty when I get ill.
Luckily we have Neale at home at the moment, so he was able to do a lot of the stuff. Plus it is “not school holidays” so our work schedule is cut down. And the girls are working much more at their own rate, with only a few pointed questions getting them involved in their courses. I am still desperate to get back to it, I am missing the cooking and garden too.