Mushroom and onions

I thought it woud help to see the sort of image that you can capture with a reasonable priced microscope at home with basic kit. So here are a couple of photos.

Onion Skin

First is the classic onion skin as mentioned earlier: It’s taken on a microscope-webcam set up.

Onion skin.

Onion skin.

The webcam fits in place of the objective lens that you normally look through so you don’t get  the same picture as you can see when you loo through the scope. However it does give a good reliable and easily used set up. Resulting in a rather nice”text book image”.

Mushroom Spores

The next shot was taken using a regular digital camera pointing down the scope through the objective lens used to view the image. This tends to give almost exactly what the observer can see if they look directly down the scope.

Mushroom spores

Mushroom spores


Both images were easy to obtain and Alex (aged 10 at the time) was able to do most of the work himself with some supervision. We spent quite some time looking at different things under the microscope and quite often get it out to examine something that one of the kids have found in the garden or on a walk etc.

If you need any suggestions or have questions leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to answer. I’m not an expert, just a parent trying to give my kids the chance to look a things in a different way.

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