Results Day -round one!

So it is a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Cassie after her exam results came through yesterday.

A* in Maths, A* in Biology and A in Chemistry!!!

Well done! We know you deserved it because we know how much work you did to become comfortable enough with the subjects to be confident at answering those exam questions.
It is also, of course, really nice to see that working otherwise than in school can give you just as good results as the more usual school route. Basically our Home Education is working!!!

I also want to say that the school we are doing the exams through has been great, with the exams officer emailing Cassie’s results to us at 7:10 am, so we had no long wait to build up nervousness! I have already thanked her, and we shall be contacting them in September to arrange round two.

That is another point, of course. This is just round one for Cassie, and the first round for all of us as a family. Cassie has already started her English Language and English Literature courses, this time a correspondence course with Catherine Mooney, and is beginning to study physics. I think her achievements so far stand her in good stead, she knows what it takes to get what she wants. Libby is now looking at how much of her maths book is left to finish before she can sit the exams too. So, onwards and upwards for us all!!!