Educational software

We used software quite extensively over the years. It’s mainly been used to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. Being able to let the kids autonomously work on their language or arithmetic skills has been very useful over the years. Being able to freely explore a rich, age appropriate environment that computer software can provide allows a child to learn at their own rate and develop in directions that suit  them when they are ready. Just remember that a computer should be used as part of educating your child anot as a replacement for you getting involved. Most software will have some form  of progression and monitoring so you as a parent know that you child is making progress towards a goal like basic word recognition, basic arithmetic or problem solving. Most will contain some element of game play in them they a good title should not be just a game. We have tried many different titles over the years and discarded and aquired as time has moved on.

The following are some of the titles we have used and settled on over the years we have been educating at home.


Software postings